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So many updates about Valentine's Day! I am proud to say that I did absolutely NOTHING on Wednesday. Oliver and I both took the day off, did not get out of bed until 1:00pm, and we went to the gym. Then we made hot dogs for dinner (i made chicago-style dogs, and it was amazing), watched TV, and went to bed.

Those hot dogs fucked me up though. They totally made me miss summer. I'm over winter already, despite the fact its been so mild. But now that its officially here, FUCK IT. And those damned hot dogs. All i was thinking about while eating them was flip flops, warm sunlight, and walks to the river. Mr. Softee trucks. Sitting on the roof. Bbqs. The beer garden.

This weekend we are going to Princeton. I'm itching for suburbia for some reason. plus i need to pick up some stuff for my Big Interview at Target (see next paragraph for further details). I really want to go to a mall as well. And Ross.

Next Tuesday is my Teaching Fellows interview. My interview is 4-5 hrs long. I have to participate in a group discussion, compose and conduct a 5 minute lesson, take some sort of writing test, and be interviewed one-on-one. Its pretty nerveracking, but i think I will rock it. Everyone cross your fingers for me.

The good news is though I have all of next week off. Next Wednesday is a really fun show at Lit, and everyone will be there, and if this interview goes well I will surely be partying up a storm and probably happily drunk. If it goes bad, I will probably still be drunk. So yeah. Wednesday will be Drunk Day.

Um, thats about it.
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