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an important side note of this whole engagement business i forgot to mention yesterday: Oliver actually called and asked my father, and my engagement ring was my grandmother's engagement ring. <3 <3 <3
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did you have any idea? or was it a total shock?
It was a total shock yesterday, but it was something we have been seriously talking about for the last few months.
i meant that he had talked to your dad and gotten your grandma's ring etc...

(i think of you guys as married already so it was a surprise for me because it hit me that you're not yet. haha!)

I knew something was going on, he was dropping weird little hints about 'things' but my family and him are sneaky sneaky sneaky. It was a pretty amazing surprise.

And really? aww.
totally. you guys are made for each other.

everyone thinks so. neener neener.

(and awwww, what a sweetie!)
total winner. haha.
he rules! thanks!
oh i didn't see this entry yesterday, aww that makes the whole proposal all the more special! good job oliver!! :)