R. Rose Selavy (missriot) wrote,
R. Rose Selavy

My interview is officially over. I'm pretty positive, like 97%, that I kicked major ass. We will know in about a month what happened. Let the next round of suspense begin!

I'm so tired now. So so tired.

Tomorrow is my celebration day! I am sleeping in, eating a deliscious breakfast, going to the gym, maybe doing laundry (all this by myself too- quiet time to reflect and rejuvenate myself), meeting Joe for celebratory milkshakes (big huge ones), and then going to the super fun good times kick ass show of the month at Lit and drinking up a storm. I'm going to treat myself to whatever drinks I want. No dirty pabst for me tomorrow night. Then im going to make out with Oliver a lot. A lot. Everything in excess tomorrow!

Heres a word for Kelly: Tomorrow will be a dionysian celebration!
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