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Once again another good weekend has passed and today I have the horrible "mondays".

Saturday I went to my very first band practice and it was like every other band practice I had been to: lots of songs played over and over while I didnt do much of anything. But this time I was actually psyched to be there because I need to know these songs, so it was pretty rad. I'm pretty excited about all of this.

I took the train home with Jon and made some dinner for Oliver and I. We changed and then went to the Broadway production of the Lion King. The show was the lion king like everyone remembers it but it was super pretty. Everything was puppets and shadows and lights. Super nice. Oliver and I also bought souvenior cups so we could drink during the show. Nothing like drinking jack and coke through a sippy cup. I had a shirley temple.

After the show was over, we ended over the the Steinways show at Lit. It was pretty much over so the door girl let us in for free. We hung out there with everyone for an hour. Kelly and I had girl time. I accidently got in the middle of a rare moment of irritation between Chadd and Carla. Afterwards, about 10 of us headed over to a awesome polish diner. I had pierogis. A new girl was there. The side of her table promptly weirded her out with talk of the internet. My side of the table wasnt much better since our conversation mostly came back to pedophilia. Oh, my friends.

Jon, Joe, Patrick, Chadd, Carla, Oliver and I (aka Team Astoria- even you Joe) took the train home together. Oliver and I slept until noon on sunday. We got some breakfast and then we bought the most amazing purchase we have ever made. Yes my dear friends. We bought a vacuum. And holy shit. I dont care that I spent money my floor and carpets have never looked so clean. Vacuuming totally tops beating carpets out with a broom. Like by far. Its awesome. The rest of the day was spent doing our married couple domestic duties.

Today was horrible. Mondays. Goddamn Mondays. It started out rough- i woke up 5 minutes into my alarm. I get to the school- PS 166- and find out the class im covering (1st grade) has no lesson plans. No biggie, its first grade. So ok. The class is pretty good too. Then at about 10am, the teacher next door comes in and tells me 10 of her kids have lice. Yes. Lice. So the nurse comes and starts checking mine. 6 of my kids have it. In the next couple hours they will find that over 40 kids in the school have lice. So yeah I was itching all day. Ugh. Bugs. Bugs in your hair. EW EW EW.

I met Oliver at the gym after school let out, and then came home and relaxed most of the night away. After a long shower of course. And now here I am.

I'm sleepy.
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