R. Rose Selavy (missriot) wrote,
R. Rose Selavy

stolen from kristine...

Upon your commenting, I shall:

1) Tell you why I friended you
2) Associate you with a song/movie
3) Tell a random fact about you
4) Tell a first memory about you
5) Associate you with an animal/fruit
6) Ask something I've always wanted to know about you
7) In retort, you MUST spead this disease in your LJ
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1. Duh because you are cool.

2. Series 7: The Contenders

3. You have a lot of different colored converse and I'm really jealous.

4. You were the only person who stayed at Rich's party and you were wearing a Discount hoodie.

5. a raccoon. i dont know why, but thats the first thing that popped into my head.

6. Why, Crystal? Why?


January 16 2007, 03:18:17 UTC 10 years ago

me please!
me please!
1. I friended you because you were in keepsake (jk)

2. Any Bob Dylan song reminds me of you.

3. You have a hoodie that is your house jacket. You only wear it in the house. You better still have that hoodie or this will make no sense.

4. "Mark, this is the proper way of performing cunninlingus..."- Dr. Courtney

5. a bright orange cat

6. Why didnt you make out with Tanya when you had the chance?
oh me!
1. Because the first time I met you I thought you were the nicest girl ever.

2. Damn this is hard because I dont think we have seen any movies together. Hmm... well then I am just going to say Scarface, and from now on whenever I think of Scarface, I will remember how I randomly associated you with that movie. Done.

3. You really really love to read.

4. I met you at the Shops at/on Sunset.

5. a bookworm. Or a pink flamingo

6. What is your all-time favorite book? OR what movie should I have associated you with and why? two part question MUAHAHH!
1. Because you are Kate muthafuckin' GRIMLEY BITCHES!

2. Breakfast at Tiffany's.

3. You had a cute bump on your nose when you were a baby.

4. You walking through the halls at DBHS with long hair parted in the middle and baggy jeans swishing. You looking evil without even trying. It was amazing.

5. Instead of an animal or fruit, I'm going to go even further back and say a cell. It is the basis of all life on this planet. And a biological term. Biology=Kate.

6. What is your favorite thing about New York?
favorite thing about new york. there isn't one.
subways, running around all over, everything is at my fingertips.
going to museums and stuffs.