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Long time no write.

Not much has happened since I wrote in here last. Mostly working and relaxing. Chadd and Carla came over on Friday and we played this fun zombie board game Oliver got for xmas and also took pics of the kitty with Chadd's Wii controller to submit to wiikitty.com. Medium Fries might soon become an internet celebrity!

In other news Joe and Kelly convinced me to join the Lost Locker Combo, and Bill (the singer) gave it the thumbs up. So I'm in a band now. I don't sing or play an instrument, but I can dance and considering this is LLC that is completely ok and reasonable. I am now the group cheerleader, and all lyrics I have will be through a megaphone. I will be getting pom pons and a pleated skirt. I will be the dancer. Hallie and I will have some coordinated dance moves. Also, one song is my official song, called "Detention" in which I will be wearing a nun costume forcing the crowd to dance with me or else I hit them with a paddle. This is going to be so much fun. Especially since I am becoming a teacher. My first show is possibly Feb. 10th, opening for the Low Budgets.
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