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Tomorrow Oliver and I are heading back to NY and I CANT FUCKING WAIT. This vacation didnt turn out exactly like I thought it would. Its funny how I could not wait to get down here but now I am wondering why I wanted to stay 2 whole weeks haha. I spent about 90% of my time with my family and that was great, and I'm getting all sad and mopey knowing I wont see them for probably another 6 mths. But... I spent 90% of my time with my family. My sanity is just barely intact. So it goes.

On another sort of sad note, my very dear friend Joanne has pneumonia, and she keeps getting worse. I thought 90% of my Florida time was going to be spent with her, but the gods of health frowned on us and changed our plans. To make matters worse, she called me to today to tell me she developed a sinus infection and bronchitis, and is running a high fever. I'm really worried about her because shes not in the best of health as it is, so everyone send your best wishes her way. Considering all this, I'm really glad I spent new years eve sitting on her living room floor, not drinking and raising a ruckus but instead eating tons of candy and laughing until our stomaches ached. I'm going to miss that girl, and she better get well soon. There are tentative plans in store to fly her awesome self up to NYC in March, and so long as her health improves these plans might become definite.

So yeah. Florida was pretty boring. This weekend I'm doing christmas #2 in princeton, NJ. This is nice becuase princeton is always nice but this also bums me out because 1) i wanna be in my own apartment chilling with my cat and 2) im missing the next city island show and 3) i miss my friends. The following weekend better be filled with good people and good times because NYC is where its at apparently.
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