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So this is totally random

Because I'm bored, I'm going to ask for opinions on a really random situation.

I was on myspace and i discovered that a close Florida friend of mine is seemingly really good friends with this girl I really screwed over in high school. Back in HS, my friend was super tight with this girls older brother, and I guess they have recently formed a bond. My friend hasnt mentioned this to me, so maybe I'm reading far too into the comments left by this girl on her myspace, or maybe its because time hasnt healed old wounds. The thing is, without getting too into it, I really messed this poor girl up. We were close, had a BAD falling out, and I didn't exactly treat her with the upmost respect thereafter, and long story short, she switched schools. Yes I was an asshole. A big one. Yes I regret my behavior. I am the first to admit that. So should I apologize? If someone back in high school like 8 yrs ago fucked you over bigtime would you want one or what? It seems so long ago, but I remember being a dick so I'm sure this girl remembers me being one. I want to apologize but I also dont want to reopen something that might be better left closed. But then again, what if say on New Years, we go to a party and shes there? Ugh.

So what do you all think?

Honestly, I already know I'm going to say something to her, but I'm curious about this. What would you want?
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